Halloween Makeup: Create Two "American Horror Story: Hotel" Looks

Image courtesy ©FX Networks

Still stumped on the perfect Halloween costume? Find inspiration from FX's American Horror Story: Hotel with these two looks created for the show by makeup artist Kerry Herta using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

Look One: Mattress Key Face (above)
Says Herta, "For the Season 5 American Horror Story: Hotel Campaign, I naturally reached for my go-to favorites. For the 'Face With The Key' print ad, I achieved the look using several Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip products.

1. "I started by applying the Lip Tar Primer all over the lip and the Anti-Feathered Cosmetic Colour Pencil around the edges. For the lip pencil, I chose one of my absolute favorite colors, Grandma, [which] I used to fill the entire lip. Aside from the color, what I really love about the OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils is their wearability. They are highly pigmented without being dry or chalky. They are also vegan and cruelty, which is an added bonus.
2. "Next, I applied Psycho Lip Tar to the whole lip and the Dune Stained Gloss to just the middle to add a pop of shimmer with a golden hue. The high shine of the Lip Tar made a cool contrast to the matte white tone and texture of the skin."

Image courtesy ©FX Networks

Look Two: Cortez (Baby Vamps Only)
1. Says Herta, "For the 'Baby Vamp' lip look, I chose not to use any primers or prep the lip in any way. My team and I first used NSFW Lip Tar, which is a true red color, all over the lip. I really love the pigment in the pencils. It helps the color stay at full saturation.  

2. "Next, we applied Psycho Lip Tar to the entire lip. We wanted the color to bleed off the lip and onto the surrounding skin in an organic way. So we deliberately instructed the kids to smear the color by mushing their lips together. The true red tone of the Psycho Lip Tar really helped make them look like the cute 'Baby Vamps' that they are."

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