Living Proof Debuts Triple Bond Complex

Living Proof's Triple Bond Complex, Leave-In Treatment
Living Proof's Triple Bond Complex, Leave-In Treatment
Courtesy of Living Proof

Living Proof has launched its first-ever bond-building innovation, Triple Bond Complex.

This new leave-in treatment work from the inner cortex to the outer cuticle, creating a strong foundation for all hair textures. 

Key benefits:

  • Scientifically proven to make hair eight times stronger (clinically tested)
  • Clinically proven to rebuild the structure of hair  
  • Builds three types of bonds (hydrogen, ionic and covalent) in the hair via the brand’s patented 3d fortifying technology
  • Repairs hair from chemical, thermal, mechanical and environmental damage  + protects hair against future damage  
  • Offers heat protection (up to 450°F/232° C)  
  • Leaves hair softer, shinier, smoother and more manageable  
  • Prevents breakage and reduces visible signs of split ends 
  • Now available online and will be available in Ulta stores beginning 9/11/22.

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