Protect Color-treated Hair From Fading With These 6 Products

Courtesy of @dphue / via Instagram
Courtesy of @dphue / via Instagram

The Color Fresh Styling Collection from dpHue was created to protect color-treated hair from dulling, shifting and fading during at-home styling.

According to the brand, products in the collection were developed with heat and UV protection to help prevent color from fading. The formulations have clear and white bases to avoid color shifting. In addition, water-soluble ingredients prevent color dulling due to build up.

Products in the line include:

  • Color Fresh The Leave-In Mist, meant to hydrate, detangle and protect against heat and UV color fading;
  • Color Fresh Blow Dry Crème, meant to add shine and protect against heat damage and humidity;
  • Color Fresh Thermal Protection Spray, meant to protect hair and color against the damaging effect of hot tools and intense heat;
  • Color Fresh Dry Texture Spray, meant to add volume, texture and protect against heat damage and UV color fading;
  • Color Fresh Texturizing Powder, meant to deliver an instant lift at the roots and texture throughout hair length for full, voluminous styles; and
  • Color Fresh Touchable Hairspray, meant to provide a soft, non-sticky hold while protecting against heat and humidity.

Co-founder and celebrity colorist, Justin Anderson, says of the dry styling line, “These products are lightweight, they’re clear, they’re not going to change the color of your hair, they’re not going to damage your hair, they’re going to protect your hair.”

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