Brand New! Hair Prescriptives Launches Active Hair & Scalp Serum Treatment

3 Hpx Ekakshi Oil Active Hair Scalp Serum Treatment 2000x
Courtesy of Hair Prescriptives

Hair Prescriptives has unveiled Active Hair & Scalp Serum, a hair care treatment oil containing patented Ekakshi Oil Complex. (October 2021) 

The HPx's Ekakshi Oil Complex Active Hair & Scalp Serum has been clinically proven to improve the volume, density and thickness of hair, making it an effective solution for clients struggling with thinning hair and hair loss.

"Hairdressers who use the Hair Prescriptives Active Hair & Scalp Treatment on their clients will see the positive difference in the hair quickly," says celebrity stylist and Hair Prescriptives creative director, Giannandrea. "With this treatment, stylists have the perfect in-salon, add-on treatment to help increase revenue, plus a unique retail opportunity. Beauty professionals know that they are more likely to sell through at retail if they are using the actual product at the backbar during the service. It's the ideal time to explain how this treatment supports new hair growth and volume between salon services. This product is ideal for anyone–women or men–who may be experiencing thinning hair or temporary hair loss. The results speak for themselves." 

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