Julianne Hough Can't Travel Without UNITE

Julianne Hough

Whether she's dancing, acting, or doing both for a live audience, Julianne Hough knows that her hair has to look great and stay in place.

To keep her gorgeous blonde locks stay hydrated and still, Hough requires all her favorite UNITE prodcuts. She travels with UNITE Glossing Spray, which provides long-lasting shine, and GO365 Hairspray, which has soft, medium and strong hold all in one can! It's perfect for changing many hairstyles in one show.

Blonda Shampoo, Hough's favorite, reduces brassiness and keeps blondes in the cool tones. And she can't forget the 7Seconds Condition, which is a great detangler and nourishing protector.

So next time you rewatch "Grease Live" and wonder how Sandy's hair can look so effortless, stop by unite.com!

[Image courtesy of UNITE]

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