Nioxin Launches Instant Fullness

Nioxin Instant Fullness

On May 18th Frank Andrade and Manny San Marcos demonstrated how to create full, moveable styles with Nioxin's latest innovative product, Instant Fullness. The new product launches in July and delivers up to 2x fuller hair within seconds. Nioxin's technology even received a rare endorsement from the Institute of Trichologists, a huge honor.

Frank Nioxin

Frank and Manny explained to the audience how to use the new product to create wearable styles for both male and female clients. Designing on-trend looks on models, the educators showed students, stylists and press how to achieve voluminous results. The product is sprayed onto the roots of dry hair and then brushed through. Instant Fullness is formulated to work well with Nioxin's 3-Part System Kits and Night Density Rescue Treatment.  

Manny Nioxin


Instant Fullness will be available in July. For more information, visit

Nio Instant Fullness 65ml Right Hires

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