Why Every Hairdresser Needs a Swivel Shear

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From the initial idea phase of the Sam Villa brand, we knew that ergonomics and the health of hairdressers had to be guiding forces in what we created. The tool that is in our hands for a significant portion of our day is also the one that can cause the most problems…the shear. This is why we developed a unique forward set thumb position on all of our shears and then expanded the line with a swivel option.  

A swivel thumb creates the freedom to get precise shear angles without adding stress on our wrist, elbow and shoulder. Many of these angles are the ones that force hairdressers into highly compromised body positions. So, they either compromise the accuracy of the cutting line or put unnecessary stress on areas that are prone to repetitive stress injuries for the sake of precision. A swivel shear is often a simple solution to honor both the discipline of the haircut and healthy ergonomics.

Anytime we’re adapting to new tools, it feels uncomfortable.  The feedback we get from new swivel users is commonly, “It feels awkward” or “I feel like I don’t have control.”  Know that this is very normal for that first week or two and it’s important to stick it out until it becomes more familiar.  The best way to overcome any challenging new experience is to study and practice.  We highly recommend grabbing a mannequin head and working through the diverse range of positions that a swivel thumb opens up. To help you out, we created a playlist on our YouTube channel highlighting the many uses for this tool!

If the ergonomic value doesn’t have you convinced that a swivel shear should live inside your kit, how about the fun factor? As busy hairdressers, we can fall into ruts and end up bored with our craft. The challenge and excitement of bringing a new tool into the arsenal is often the little push we need to ignite a new fire within.

Friends, a painter does not paint with just one brush…and a carpenter does not cut with just one saw…as hairdressers, we owe it to ourselves and our clients to own the diversity of tools that allow us to expand and explore our profession to its fullest potential.

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