Gray Away

Does he or doesn’t he? No one will be the wiser with these super-fast, men-specific haircolors!

Whether he wants all-over coverage or just a dappled look, American Crew Precision Blend Color System’s gray-blending service comes in four shades that are applied using one of four techniques: Buffing is for guys with coarse or curly hair shorter than one inch. Blocking works well on dudes with mops longer than one inch. Blading is perfect for clients with thick, vertical hairstyles between one and two inches. Blanketing achieves full coverage on any length or texture.

Delivering 100% gray coverage in nine different shades, GreyFree by Guiland is perfect for touchups in-between salon visits. Bonus: Can also be used on mustaches, beards, sideburns—even eyebrows!

Available in four cool ash shades, Goldwell Men ReShade Grey Blending Foam is applied at the shampoo bowl in five minutes. It  blends up to 50% gray; can be done discreetly as an add-on service to any haircut appointment; fades on-tone; and lasts up to five weeks—the average time between men’s haircuts—sans demarcation line.

Offered in five shades ranging from darkest brown to darkest blond, L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Cover 5’ blends gray manes discreetly and quickly—just five minutes at the shampoo bowl! What’s more, the manly results fade on tone and leave no visible regrowth line.

Providing 100% gray coverage in just five New York minutes, MiN New York Professional Grade Color is available in 15 intermixable shades and is formulated with a built-in conditioner for gentle coloring that fades on tone.

Rewind 10 years in just 10 minutes with Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color Flash Back. Designed just for gents to discreetly blend their salt-and-pepper mops, the full range of ammonia-free, demipermanent colors delivers natural-looking, lived-in results for up to 6 weeks.

Make pesky grays go AWL—Away With Leave! Available in 6 shades and imbued with moisture- and shine-boosting quinoa oil, ammonia-free Redken For Men Color Camo allows you to mask his gray dome right at the shampoo bowl in 10 minutes flat—less time than he devotes to his morning shave. —Amy Dodds


Photo: Courtesy of ARROJO Studio

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