[SPECIAL OFFER] Limited Time Special Offer on the GL Tapes Starter Kit

Hair U Wear Blp2104 Lead

Hair U Wear Blp2104 Image1IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR!

When offering your guests extensions, the quality of the hair is the most important element.  With GL Tapes, the same premium quality and ethically-sourced hair Great Lengths is known for is available in a tape-in method for a quick, easy and reusable application. So what makes the Great Lengths hair different?

•   Double-drawn so that the density is the same from the top at  the attachment site all the way through to the ends.

•    With superior density, less extension attachments are needed saving you and your client both time and money.

•    Reusable is now a reality! The patented processes used in Great Lengths extensions colorization results in color and healthy strands that last up to 3 applications.


The small attachment of GL Tapes means more comfort for the client. The extensions can be used as a single tab or traditional double tab attachment, depending on the client’s needs and density of their own natural hair.  Matching density will prevent breakage and result in the most comfortable wear.


More than 60 natural colors in addition to bronde & rooted options give you and your guest the most natural appearance.

Hair U Wear Blp2104 Image2PROFESSIONAL-ONLY -

Dedicated to the professional. Great Lengths hair extensions are only available to licensed cosmetologists and are not sold directly to consumers.
Get your GL Tapes extension business started with a simple and quick on line certification, along with our GL Tapes Starter Kit that includes all the tools needed.



1 Set of Memory Cards (set of 4) 

1 GL Apps Computer1 Connection Tool 

1 Disconnecting Spray

1 Reusing Tape1 Safety Band (100pc.)

1 Great Lengths Clean Remover Shampoo 

4 Natural Color Rings 

2 Accent Color Rings 

1 Bronde/Rooted Color Ring

Total Value =$404 

Salon Special offer: $350     

Call a Salon Support Representative at 800-999-0809 for information.


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