Veila Hair Extensions: A Revolutionary Application Method Saves Time

Veila Hair 2

Hair extensions have been game-changers for clients and stylists alike. Not only do they add length and volume for the client, they can seriously impact a stylist's bottom line--in a positive way, of course. But for years, stylists have been limited to the types of longer-term hair extensions they could offer their clients: tape-in, sew-in, glue-in or beaded. Not only that, but the application time and subsequent reapplication time could be a deterrent for clients. But all that changed when Noelle Spinosa introduced her revolutionary pull-through hair extensions, Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions.

Veila Hair ExtensionsThese human hair extensions are affixed to the client's natural hair via a unique pull-though method, as Spinosa demonstrates in this Facebook Live video, below. Watch the informative video and learn all about how fast and easy it is to apply and remove these no-tape, no-glue hair extensions, and how you can become certified! For more info, please visit

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