Customized Clip-In Extensions by Ruth Roche

Hair ExtensionsCustomized clip-in extensions are a great way to add allure and volume to hair, especially for guests with finer hair.  Watch Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, craft personalized wefts that increase density, length and volume.

“This is a great option for anyone who lacks density and length, the wefts add volume, additional length and a whole lot of glamour,” says Roche.


Bonding Glue
Wig Clips
Wefts in 2 Colors

Take 2 wefts in a darker color and glue one weft on top of the other – align the seam of the top weft right below the seam of the bottom weft – do not glue on top of the seam to prevent it from getting too thick, the goal is to create a smooth layer so it lays flat to the scalp.

Cut about a 1/2” section of the lighter color weft and glue it up against the seam of the two darker wefts.  Again, do not glue it on top, just snugly next to it to keep it as flat as possible.  Repeat 2-4 times, depending on the desired color.

The finished weft will look a bit stripy at the base, but from mid shaft to ends it will look like a pretty highlight.  Clip in so the base of the weft is covered with overlaying natural hair.

Cut hair – make sure to cut wefts in different lengths, as well as in layers so the wefts blend nicely with the natural hair.

“Customizing the color and length of the wefts make them more believable and a realistic option for more people,” adds Roche.  With customized clip-in extensions, ANYONE can have long luscious hair!  Look for other tips and tricks on

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