Redavid Offers a Remedy to Brassy Blondes

Blonde Therapy by Redavid
Blonde Therapy by Redavid
Courtesy of Redavid

Redavid has launched Blonde Therapy, a collection designed to aid even the brassiest blondes.

“Our violet pigment complex helps to enhance any blonde hair without the use of any additional chemicals,” says Leonardo Redavid, brand founder. “It’s a rinse-out system, meaning highlights and blonde work done in the salon can’t be harmed. It’s entirely peroxide-free and really gives someone at home new ways to express how cool of a blonde they want to be in-between services.” 

Blonde Therapy resultsBlonde Therapy resultsCourtesy of Redavid

Used following the shampoo and conditioner is the dual-pump, dual-action leave-in treatment toner with violet pigment complex to neutralize brassiness, soften color and encourage shine. This treatment toner is emulsified between palms before being worked through hair. Because the user controls how much or how little to use, it also allows for complete control of how much toning the system provides. Use a little to maintain a more platinum finish, and more to encourage a softer, more honeyed blonde.

“Because the system rinses out the next day, there’s no color correction and no damage. Blonde Therapy is complete blonde expression for each individual,” says Leonardo.

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