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If you are concerned about your hair color fading and hair strength, meet Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ care regimen!

ColorMotion+ includes a Color Protection Shampoo, Moisturizing Color Reflection Conditioner & Intensive Restructuring Mask for Colored Hair. These products leave hair smooth and shiny, help restore hair surface quality for radiant light reflection and provide strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability.

Regular use of ColorMotion+ improves colored hair quality in three areas that are specifically important for colored hair: Color Protection, Vibrant Shine & Stronger Hair.

  • Color Protection: Free radicals protection technology encapsulates metals, reducing the formation of free radicals, responsible for color fading.
  • Vibrant Shine: Hair surface polisher soothes cuticles for improved shine and manageability2.
  • Stronger Hair: WellaPlex bonding agent helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds, for stronger hair3.

ColorMotion+ provides up to 8 weeks of color protection1 with our WellaPlex bonding agent, for stronger hair from root to tip**, elevating color care beyond anti-fading. It’s our best color care line, yet!

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1When using Structure+ Mask 2Vs. no treatment 3When using Structure+ Mask vs. no treatment   


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