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Lisa Marie Garcia has been with Farouk Systems for almost two decades, so when there are new products at CHI, we love to hear her opinions. CHI Chromashine is a new semi-permanent color line that offers stylists incredible opportunities for creativity.

What made CHI want to offer a semi-permanent color line?
Lisa Marie Garcia: We have always had semi-permanent color in both our Shine Shades and CHI Ionic color lines.  The new Chromashine is an addition to our current color systems to add bright fun colors that can intermix to create any shade a stylists or client can think of. It is really exciting to see how creative the stylists can be when you give them an artistic approach to hair color that unleashes their creativity. 

How does Chromashine fit in to CHI’s professional portfolio?
LMG: We have a complete system of color from permanent, grey coverage, demi and this completes our systems with a semi permanent line that has primaries, secondary and neutral shades that can be intermixed.

Chromashine is super healthy for hair—no ammonia, peroxides, or PPD. Why was that important?
LMG: Our mission from the beginning with Farouk has always been to offer salons and clients safer alternatives to harsh chemical services. This is why we were the first to get a patent on ammonia-free lightening and color!


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Tell me about the colors, offerings, and what a stylist can expect from Chromashine.
LMG: Stylists can get our CHI Chromashine Artist Kit with nine shades and use them to create literally any color they can dream. It is great because now the stylist can create their own trend or any color a client may ask for.

What have you noticed about the actual product and application as you’ve used it?
LMG: It spreads really easily and with its nine-shade low bottle inventory, you don’t have to carry  many colors you make your own.

The colors are so vibrant! How would you make them seem more accessible for clients who haven’t experimented with color so much?
LMG: You can use them as a gloss to enhance or add vibrancy to darker levels of hair. Or add small baby lights underneath in the nape that a client can expose when they feel like having some fun!

What has been stylists’ response to the Chromashine?
LMG:They love the creativity and freedom of being able to create their own color trends and customizing colors for clients.  They also love the yellow and white. The yellow is pure tone yellow and allows so much creativity in mixing color, while the white is pure white color, not a conditioner – it really helps to lighten color  when making pastels without diluting the pigments or longevity of the color.


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How long does the color last?
LMG: Color will last well over 30 shampoos.  

What can Chromashine be combined with to help maintain the color?
LMG: To help maintain the color, they can use our CHI Color Illuminate in matching or similar shades. 

What’s your favorite Chromashine color combination?
LMG: Right now I am loving the Sunset look or as we go into fall, the Autumn Leave inspiration of mixing reds, oranges and yellows.   

Anything else we should know about the line?
LMG: Stylists should explore their creativity and have fun as a color artist!

Learn more about CHI Chromashine here.

[Image courtesy of Farouk Systems]

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