Guest Blog: Let's Go Grey Coverage with Aloxxi's Andiamo

Gail Andiamo 2

Gail Andiamo 2I was sick for two weeks. I had an important event to attend but was too ill to go to my colorist to have my roots done. They were bad, really bad. At the last minute I made a desperate decision to color the roots myself. Bad idea! While it looked okay the evening of the event, very soon thereafter my roots turned an awful shade of red. I had "hot roots." What to do?  My time was limited. Marco Pelusi of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, West Hollywood was the answer to my problem. 

Marco took the time to tell me of a new product from Aloxxi called Andiamo. The product is applied to hair for only 10 to 15 minutes, washed, styled and I would be out the door in a flash. After a consultation, Marco adjusted the time to consider my lifestyle and type of hair (which is extremely resistant to color). I thought I would give it a try. It turned out fabulously! It covered my "hot roots" beautifully and left the rest of my hair shiny and full of body. The color was rich and layered. I thought I would wait a bit before writing this review since I am a lap swimmer and was curious to see how this product would hold up after splashing through a highly chlorinated pool several times a week. Much to my surprise it is now three weeks to the day and my hair still looks great. (I do put on some moisturizer on my hair under my swim cap). Thank you Marco for introducing me to Aloxxi’s Andiamo! It definitely is the way to go, especially for clients in a hurry and looking for a quick root touch-up!

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