Sexy Hair Artists Share Their Styling and Texturizing Advice

Texture Sexy Hair Antonio Estrada

As we move into the summer months and the country begins to reopen, clients are clamoring for new and exciting ways to style their hair. Luckily for them (and you!), Sexy Hair recently released their Texture line, which is ideally suited for creating beachy waves, voluminous styles and summery braids. We reached out to Sexy Hair Visionary Team Members Antonio Estrada and Dawn Atkinson for their advice on how to incorporate Texture into your summer styles. 

Texture Sexy HairAs we head into the warmer summer months, braiding and upstyles begin to gain in popularity. What styles do you forecast will be big this summer?
Antonio Estrada: I forecast women being more adventurous with their hair. Clip-in human hair ponytails are such a vibe and an easy way to create an impactful style. They’re very versatile as well—braid them or wrap them, and you can easily create a beautiful, bold, low messy bun that’s perfect for summer!


Happy Monday Y’all!! Looking for quick & easy updo inspo?? Check out this super fast updo topped off with some fun barrettes to jazz it up!! Products used: @sexyhair How to: 1. Create clash curls (alternating direction of each row) with 1.5 inch curling iron using Hot Sexyhair Support Me directing all curls back to nape. 2. Break up curls with fingers and use Texture Sexyhair Surfer girl to enhance curls. 3.Create 2 low textured buns at nape and pin in place. Add fun accessories to enhance look! #Hairartistrybydawn #dawnatkinson #thehairtalkstome #updo #updoinspo #hairtutorial #howtohair #barrettes #pearls #bobbypin #hairpearls #modernsalon #modernsalon100 @modernsalon @beautylaunchpad @esteticamagazine @american_salon @behindthechair_com @hairtutorial4you @beyondtheponytail @baileyjanexoxo

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We’ve seen that creating texture helps to build foundation for styles. Can you please explain how you achieve this, with tools and products?
Dawn Atkinson: Flat iron waves or wrapped wand waves are always beautiful for that lived-in feel and are also a great foundation for any everyday or formal style. Texture Sexy Hair is the perfect line up to amp up any textured style, as well as Big Sexy Hair Funraiser!
AE: Texture is a must when building a foundation on any hair type. Prior to creating an updo, using a crimper will create a great foundation and help you mold the hair into whatever shape you desire. High Tide by Sexy Hair is the perfect product to create texture at the roots, and I like to finish the ends with Surfer Girl by Sexy Hair, a texturizing hairspray. Powder Play Lite is another great option for creating texture. Use it before teasing the hair or pulling out a braid for hold and longevity. 


When I said I created some PEARL styles I wasn’t joking. Get ready for 2 more. I’m so inspired RN I want to create more looks with pearls I used PROTECT ME by @sexyhair before using a 3 barrel iron. Protects up to 450 degrees making it excellent way to defend hair against heat. After pony I used one of the products for the NEW TEXTURE LINE by @sexyhair. I added HIGH TIDE a texturing hairspray. Hold and texture what else would you want!! Oh yea the new line smells sooo freaking good. BOTH of those products found at @saloncentric. In store or online. MUA @alyssamikaylahair #squad @pinkpewter always #saloncentricambassador #saloncentric #sexyhair #protectme #hightide #yessexyhair #pearls #texture #azstylist #hairstyles #trending #behindthechair @pinkpewter #hotdacessory

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What are some of your favorite texture tips?
AE: First you need to know when to create texture. Some hair types already have a lot of texture, and adding more can create dullness and frizz. Therefore, treat upstyling as you would a haircut consultation. Look and the hair, figure out what’s possible, understand why you’re using the products you’re using, and deliver the best option for that client. Some hair types that have natural texture could use Rose Elixir, a shine spray, and still have a beautiful, lived-in textured style. Sexy Hair just launched Sunny Vibes, a texturizing gel. Add it to already curly/textured hair for more definition. This product is gonna wow you! 

What’s the difference between visual texture and tactile texture? How do you create each of these looks?
Visual texture is created—that is, texture created by using tools or product. Tactile texture is the natural texture and feel of one’s hair in its natural state. 
AE: Visual texture is added when the style is already finished. High Tide is a great option for that. Tactile texture is added when the style is in development. Both are very important!! 

Sexy Hair Texture Sunny VibesWhat are your favorite products for creating easy, casual texture? How about for more structured styles?
AE: I love creating both textured styles and structured styles. In the salon I’m creating more lived-in, wearable styles and on Instagram I post more structured styles. Surfer Girl and Sunny Vibes are my new favorite products for causal texture. Beach’n Spray and Foam Party can be used for structured styles. Think keeping the hair wet while braiding on the scalp! 
DA: Surfer Girl gives added texture as well as a more matte, satin finish for a more casual feel. Big Sexy Hair Funraiser is perfect for dual-purpose styling! It works as both a dry shampoo and texture-enhancing styler, perfect for second-day looks! Finally, Sunny Vibes amps up texture as well as provides added hold and manageability to create any structured style! 



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