Beauty Professionals Name Their All-Time Favorite Products

Olivia Garden Multibrush

Surely, zeroing in on one perfect product isn’t an easy feat for a beauty pro. After all: It’s hard to play favorites. And yet, these top artists dug deep to reveal their all-time bestie product—many of which are poised to become yours, too.

Beauty Experts

Name: Cherry Petenbrink, Olivia Garden educator

Star Product: Olivia Garden MultiBrush 

“My favorite tool is the innovative MultiBrush by Olivia Garden. The single-brush handle comes with five different-size barrels to switch out when needed. The barrels snap on and eject from the handle and can stay in the hair to cool. With their ceramic and ion technology, the MultiBrush barrels ensure shiny, healthy and frizz- free hair after styling.”

Name: Cherie Whitlock, NovaLash brand ambassador

Star Product: NovaLash CleanLash 

“Not only does the CleanLash tub look pretty on my bathroom shelf, but the product is also an essential part of the aftercare routine to keep clients’ NovaLash extensions clean and healthy. They’re saturated in pomegranate seed oil to help nourish and condition lashes and remove any pollutants and dirt that naturally build up throughout the day. The CleanLash pads are also amazing for removing any other eye makeup without pulling or risking the life span of the extensions.”

New Hair Products

Name: Mia Emilio, master stylist at Devachan in New York City

Star ProductDevaCurl DevaFresh 

“It’s important that my clients not only have great hair when they leave my chair, but for days after—that’s why my pick is DevaCurl DevaFresh. It can be tempting to just resort to a wash day, but I try to remind my curly and super curly clients to extend the life of their curls a bit longer to ensure they aren’t overmanipulating their spirals. Just spritz this onto curls and go!”

Name: Paula Marques, Malibu C educator

Star Product: Malibu C Crystal Gel @malibucpro

“Summer fun can alter my clients’ beautiful blonde colors, but a Malibu C Crystal Gel detox can bring brightness back by removing mineral buildup that causes discoloration. Using Crystal Gel before a service helps prevent chemical reactions and allows for more predictable results. After color or lightening services, I use it again to stop the oxidation process. I can’t live without this product; it has made me a better colorist.”

Name: Paul Stafford, Denman global creative director

Star Product: Denman D3 Iconic Styling Brush 

“The Denman D3 Iconic Styling Brush is without question one of the most versatile brushes on the market. You can use it to brush through wet or dry hair, create body, add bend, and enhance shine. Plus, it fits perfectly in your hand; the brush feels like it’s a part of you.”

Hair Professionals

Name: Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil artistic director

Star Product: Moroccanoil Mending Infusion

“I love the way that Moroccanoil Mending Infusion works because it visually gets rid of any split ends after the hair has been styled. It’s also great for banishing any flyaways following a beautiful blowout.”

Name: Thom Priano, celebrity men’s stylist and co-founder of R+Co

Star Product: R+Co SAND CASTLE Dry Texture Crème 

“My favorite product is R+Co SAND CASTLE Dry Texture Crème. It adds texture to hair, absorbs oil and actually makes tresses feel thicker and fuller. It has a semi- matte finish, so people never know you actually have product in your hair. It looks like you spent a day at the beach.”

Name: Rita Remark, Essie global lead educator

Star Product: Essie Nail Polish in Licorice 

“My all-time favorite product is Essie’s Licorice. This is the black polish. As a manicurist, I love that it gives me the best shiny finish and, as a nail artist, its super- pigmented formula is perfect for adding crisp, detailed nail art. It’s a classic that I’m constantly stocking up on!”

Hair Products

Name: David Raccuglia, American Crew founder and photographer

Star Product: American Crew Pomade 

“My all-time favorite product is American Crew Pomade. The Pomade was part of the original six products in American Crew’s initial launch, and was designed to be a modern and flexible alternative to traditional styling gels. The pomade’s legacy is forever tied to the global cultural phenomenon of the pompadour. With pomade, the pompadour style became a symbol of individuality—a way to slick your hair back and say, ‘Let’s do it my way.’”

Name: Mackenzie Tereault, Trissola extension and color specialist

Star Product: Trissola True Keratin Treatment 

“Trissola True Keratin Treatment is a standout when it comes to smoothing systems. I choose Trissola for my clients because it creates a better overall experience since there are no harsh smells and the process is quick. My clients’ hair feels better afterward because the treatment bestows revived strands, enhances natural texture and allows body and shape.”

Name: Jaimee Smith, JCPenney artist

Star ProductMizani 25 Miracle Milk

“I love using the multibenefit leave-in Mizani 25 Miracle Milk spray on every hair type. It has amazing moisturizing and strengthening properties that help detangle, control frizz and enhance shine. It works as a cutting lotion to prep the hair before all styling techniques as well as for evening out porosity on color-treated and relaxed hair.”


[Images: Courtesy of manufacturers; Sarah Foster]

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