Mix-and-Match Modern

Mix-and-Match ModernOpposites not only attract, they blend and marry to form co-existing elements in Joico’s new Duality trend collection.

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The collection’s two styles, Motley and Duchess, incorporate both raw and refined components to make a fully progressive statement. Motley takes its inspiration from late-’70s punk, tartan designs, Dickensian waifs and Thomas Gainsborough’s gracious subjects. The muses for Duchess include the traditional English Rose, posh punk, tweed and the structured styles of the late-Victorian era.

Designed by international artistic director Damien Carney and haircolor artistic consultant Sue Pemberton, the result is a juxtaposition of new and old, punk and Victorian, madcap styling and exquisite coloring—all of which come together to form utterly modern looks.

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