Travis Kelce's Barber Shares Details on Working with NFL Star & Taylor Swift in New Interview With Your Day Off Podcast

Barber Patrick Regan (@patty_cuts) shares how working with Travis Kelce has changed since he started dating Taylor Swift in a recent interview with Your Day Off Podcast.
Barber Patrick Regan (@patty_cuts) shares how working with Travis Kelce has changed since he started dating Taylor Swift in a recent interview with Your Day Off Podcast.
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In the most recent episode of Your Day Off Podcast, Travis Kelce's barber Patrick Regan (@patty_cuts) shares what it's been like to enter Taylor Swift's orbit since the 3x Super Bowl champ started dating her. 

"It's kind of cool to see because I know her as a person now. She's just a really nice person. She's very in what you're saying. She doesn't act like the most famous celebrity in the world," Regan divulges. "She's a very nice person, and she's a good girlfriend to my friend, so it's pretty cool and it doesn't seem too crazy to me." 

Hosts Corey Gray and Tony Stuart (@hairdustry) spoke with Regan back in April during America's Beauty Show in Rosemont, IL. Regan was at the show as part of his collaboration with BaByliss PRO

During the conversation, Regan discussed how he got his start in the industry, overcoming addiction, becoming a celebrity barber and more. 

The conversation then pivoted to his relationship with Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Regan has been Kelce's barber for about six years, and they have always opted for the same skin fade, which has now gained momentum with requests dominating barbershops. Despite the cut being recently dubbed the "Travis Kelce Cut," both Kelce and Regan emphasize that the fade has been a staple for a long time and originally popularized by the Black community. 

While the cut the duo opt for may have stayed the same, the dynamic between the football star and the barber has changed with Kelce now dating global superstar Swift. 

"We had to change houses, so things have changed for me. Now I have to drive further, and there's more security," Regan shares. "Travis is one of my bros. I used to just go sleep at his house every weekend, so things kind of changed a little bit now, but it's cool to see. I'm happy for him and seeing the stardom that he's getting because he's just a normal guy too." 

When Swift and Kelce's relationship became public last September, fans joked that Swift put Kelce on the map. Things quickly progressed, with Swift attending more of Kelce's games during the season and even the Super Bowl. Regan shares he's had fun attending Chiefs games with Swift. 

"It's been cool going to games with her. We get a whole separate box now. We're right in the middle of the field. It's pretty cool," Regan gushes. "She's real into the game. She's a football fan now, which is really cool." 

Kelce has, in turn, attended more Eras Tour shows. When Kelce is in attendance, Swift changes one of the lyrics to her closing song, "Karma." Instead of singing "Karma is the guy on screen," she opts for "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs." 

Naturally, Swifties have taken Swift and Kelce's relationship in full stride and eagerly seek out any Easter eggs or news related to the pairing's relationship. So, when Gray jokingly asked "When's the wedding?" naturally it caught the attention of the fanbase, with Regan responding "Hopefully soon." He also added that he will see how many plus one requests he gets WHEN the pair announces the wedding. 

"He did say when and not if," Gray and Stuart emphasized.

The clip from the interview quickly went viral with Swifties on social media, with one posting receiving 120K views on X (formerly Twitter). There's also been coverage from Fox and Friends, Perez Hilton, Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and more.

"We were just three dudes having a conversation. We had no clue we would be breaking news to the Swifties," Gray and Stuart share exclusively to Beauty Launchpad

You can listen to the full episode with Regan on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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