Denman Partners with Plastic Bank to Reduce Ocean Plastics

Beach clean up
Beach clean up
Courtesy of Denman Brush Professional x Plastic Bank

Denman Brush Professional has partnered with Plastic Bank to help reduce ocean plastic while improving lives in vulnerable coastal communities.

The partnership is part of Denman International’s mission to make a positive environmental, social and economic impact.

Now when purchasing a Denman tool, one is actively contributing to the prevention of more than 45 metric tons of plastic from entering the ocean: That’s the equivalent of over 2.2 million single-use plastic bottles! How is Denman doing this, exactly? The brand is sourcing material from Plastic Bank, which pays communities to collect plastic and clean the beaches, and they then process the material for resale back into the supply chain. Denman’s commitment is one of supplier choice in purchasing manufacturing-grade plastic from an organization committed to reducing environmental impact and offering paid employment in challenged coastal communities.

“Plastic Bank is the most incredible initiative and we feel so privileged to partner with them. Enabling communities to improve their circumstances while giving our industry an opportunity to reduce its environmental impact is transformative,” says John Rainey, chairman of Denman International.

In addition to this partnership, the original Denman D3 Styler is now completely recyclable; at the end of its life, it can be popped into the domestic recycling bin, or to extend the life of the brush, the pin pad can be purchased separately.

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