Schwarzkopf Unveils New Brand Campaign Featuring Actress and Producer Sofia Vergara

The global professional hair expert will work with Sofia Vergara to encourage consumers to own their story through new blonde hair color innovations and brand campaign.
The global professional hair expert will work with Sofia Vergara to encourage consumers to own their story through new blonde hair color innovations and brand campaign.
Courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

As the unrivaled authority in hair for over 125 years, Schwarzkopf announces an exciting new campaign backed by the star power of new Global Brand Ambassador, Actress and Producer Sofia Vergara.

Schwarzkopf has defined 2024 as the year of the blonde, and they know that behind every person’s hair color is a story of courage, empowerment, and trust. Now, they want to inspire consumers to tell theirs. On March 4, 2024, Schwarzkopf will officially launch their campaign, “What Story Will You Tell?” marked by a highly visual commercial and comprehensive social media rollout, starring Sofia.

A brand of firsts, Schwarzkopf’s rich history is defined by innovations: the first dry shampoo, the first liquid shampoo, the first hairspray, the first cold perm and the first home color product. Schwarzkopf seamlessly combines its 125-year heritage with cutting-edge technology, pioneering innovation that empowers individuals to understand and embrace their unique hair stories. Schwarzkopf is one of the only brands backed by a global community of hairdressers that they collaborate with to then bring that professional expertise to its consumers. Leading where others follow and encouraging people to showcase the best version of themselves, Schwarzkopf proudly provides the tools needed for everyone to celebrate their individuality.

Schwarzkopf’s “What Story Will You Tell?” campaign is more than just a tagline; it aims to inspire consumers to show up as their true selves and own the story they want to tell the world. They believe that beauty is the radiance that’s exuded when your appearance reflects how you feel inside and when your hair is a mirror and canvas to craft your story. Schwarzkopf elevates its consumers through hair so they can step into every moment with confidence and own their story, on their terms. To bring this campaign idea to life, Schwarzkopf enlisted Sofia Vergara to help spread this message worldwide. The partnership will be announced via a TVC, premiering on March 4th, as well as collaborations on social media, red carpet appearances and more. Sofia is the perfect partner to bring to life Schwarzkopf’s mission in creating a strong, purposeful, global and culturally relevant campaign message.

"It is absolutely thrilling to see Schwarzkopf align with an impressive partner such as Sofia Vergara," Vildan Oenpeker-Cerci, Senior Vice President Marketing of Henkel North America remarks. "Henkel has always been committed to providing high-quality innovations & formulas and we can’t think of a better person to help spread this message globally. Sofia embodies Schwarzkopf’s brand ethos in a way that resonates with stylists & consumers alike and we are excited to see what stories she tells in our continued work together.”

Sofia’s role in Schwarzkopf’s campaign will help to show the premiumness and transformative effects of using Schwarzkopf products. Sofia is the epitome of “hair goals” and will be using her platform to showcase how Schwarzkopf products give her the look she wants to tell her unique story, and serve as inspiration for women to do the same.

When asked about her connection to Schwarzkopf’s campaign, Sofia said: “Hair is a powerful form of self-expression. Being in the spotlight, confidence is everything and hair plays a big part. For me, becoming Schwarzkopf’s global brand ambassador is not just about endorsing hair products, it’s about collaborating with a brand that shares my vision of embracing and celebrating the power of self-expression and confidence. We both believe in the power of hair and want to empower and inspire other women to take control of their narrative and express themselves through their hair.”

Evolution has been constant as the Schwarzkopf brand has grown over the last century, and they will continue to keep innovating and elevating its hair care products and formulas. For more information, visit and follow @hairbyschwarzkopf.usa for new updates on the brand campaign and partnership with Sofia Vergara.

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