Denman Announces Their Stage Star USA Winner

The results are in and Denman’s Stage Star USA winner has just been announced.
The results are in and Denman’s Stage Star USA winner has just been announced.
Courtesy of Denman Professional Tools

The results are in, and Denman’s Stage Star USA winner has just been announced.

Say hello to Arizona based educator, hair professional and make-up artist Jalia Pettis. Jalia beat entries across the USA to take the title of Denman Stage Star USA. She wins tools, opportunities, education $$$’s and a trip to London, England to compete for the global title at Salon International in October. Jalia will be repping for the USA against fellow competitors from Japan, France and the UK. If she wins Denman Global Stage Star 2023 then Jalia will enjoy an all expenses paid professional photographic shoot and even more travel and opportunities.

Jalia says “I almost talked myself out of applying when I heard about Stage Star. However, I allowed this to be a leap of faith, so I did not share with any friends or family that I even entered. When I was notified that I was a regional finalist for the USA I was elated and I am overjoyed to win the title for the USA and be able to move forward to showcase my skill as a hair stylist. It is confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be in my beauty journey!”

To enter Jalia submitted a two-minute video about why she would make Denman’s perfect Stage Star and as finalist she was invited to do a 15-minute Instagram Live presentation showcasing her skills. Jalia wanted her IG Live to stay true to the work she does on a regular basis and so created a Session inspired look which echoed the type of style she creates on set. Jalia will now go on to present live on stage at the UK’s largest hair show in October alongside her international peers. “I am excited to present at Salon International and will prepare the exact same way I did for my IG presentation. I cannot give away all the details but I will stay true to myself and keep it engaging!” explains Jalia.

So, what advice would Jalia offer to anyone considering entering next year? “I encourage those who are interested in becoming a platform artist or those who want to do more within the industry to enter. Most times we are our own biggest obstacles so when you get out of the way and just try, you never know what might be within reach!”

Denman Stage Star opens again in spring 2024. Follow IG @denmanpro for updates. Follow @jaliadp to see her Denman journey.

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