How to Get the Look: Glitter-dipped Ponytail

The finished look

One of the best aspects to the holiday season is the abundance of glitter, so stylist Sarah Lund created this glitter-dipped ponytail. The pony is perfect for those looking to add a bit of sparkle without overdoing it, looking chic and modern while not letting go of the must-have glitter.

Flat iron hair so that it is smooth and sleek; working in small sections to ensure that the hair is perfectly smooth.
Finish with SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE to lay down any fly away bits

Step 2

Section the hair to create a 4 part ponytail; this will create a perfect sleek ponytail. Section front from back just behind the ears, then split the front into 3 sections: 1 at the crown and 1 on each side over the ears. Begin with back section, using a STYLING.BRUSH and SESSION.SPRAY to smooth the section, tie off with a piece of elastic cord. Add in each side and finish with the very top section.

Step 3
Take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and use that to wrap around the elastic, spraying with a generous amount SESSION.SPRAY as you go.  Use blow dryer on high heat, low air flow to dry the SESSION.SPRAY and lock in the ends.

Step 4
In your bowl mix FREE.HOLD with a few sprays of SHIMMER.ME.BLONDE, this helps to make the product easier to spread. Add in your glitter and mix again. Pro Tip: Heat the glitter mixture up with your blow dryer to make it even easier to work through the hair.

Step 5

Apply the glitter mixture to the ends of the ponytail, working in small flat sections.

Step 6

Add more glitter!! Finish with SESSION.SPRAY to seal it in!

[Images courtesy of KEVIN.MURPHY]

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