NYFW Hair: Dual Texture at Katie Ermilio Fall 2015

The hair look for the Katie Ermilio Fall 2015 show emphasized dual texture. Eufora International's hair team, led by UK stylist Neil Smith, wanted to create a look that was ultra-feminine, edgy, and young.

Get the Look:
1. On cleansed hair, prime mid-lengths to ends with Eufora's Volume Fusion Spray, then use Eufora's Formation styling mousse and roughly dry into the hair.
2. Place a very deep set parting on your desired side of choice.

3. Cocktail Eufora Piece Works & Pure Polish together and, staring at the nape (neck hairline), smooth the cocktail of product onto 1-inch sections of the hair from the root down the hair shaft to hairline. Repeat this process throughout the entire head smoothing with a comb as you do so.

4. Secure the sleek look at the nape with clips or pins/grips.

5. With the mid-lengths and ends, take 2-inch vertical sections from right to left and lightly wrap the hair around a conical wand to create soft movement and messy waves.
6. Repeat this process on the rest of the hair and secure into place with Eufora's Elevate Finishing Spray.

7. After leaving the waves to set and cool, depending on desired finish, tease the movement out with a rack comb or your fingers and spray Eufora's Sea Spritz for lived-in texture.

[Images courtesy of Evan Dunning]

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