Patrick McIvor Becomes ARROJO Techni-Color Director

Patrick McIvor is joining ARROJO as Techni-Color Director and Brand Strategist. A multifaceted position, he will work on growth, development, and innovative practices in four key elements of the brand's mission.

“It's a special time for ARROJO and a perfect time for Nick and I to reconnect,” says McIvor. “ARROJO is an amazing platform in the beauty industry. In just 14 years, it has become a leader, innovator, and cultural icon. It is just the beginning of the legacy ARROJO will leave for our industry. I am excited and ready to be a part of it.”

Patrick's work will touch the salon, the school, and businesses across the nation who carry ARROJO products and embrace ARROJO education as part of the ARROJO Ambassador Program.

He will work with the Artistic and Color Directors on techniques, education, and the use of technology in the salon; with the Cosmetology Directors on the evolution of the curriculum and the student experience; with the Social Media Team on new strategies, systems, and connections; and will travel with Nick Arrojo to share ideas, inspirations, and hair color trends and techniques at nationwide shows and seminars.

“Patrick and I have enjoyed a long friendship,” says Arrojo. “He was the first person to welcome me into his home when I moved to America, and we have worked together many times. His hair coloring and his commitment to using technology to enhance the life and the career of the hairdresser are just two examples of his pioneering contributions to the industry. Patrick's work will touch the salon, the school, and businesses across the nation that carry our products and embrace our education."

“This year, we will grow into two new NYC salons, and a new Advanced Academy and Cosmetology School, while our network of Ambassadors continues to snowball. I asked Patrick to join us because I wanted a world-class, iconic talent who could strengthen the team from inside to out, while helping to share our culture of craftsmanship, creativity, and success with an ever-expanding web of professionals,” he adds.

McIvor has 28+ years of experience as a color director, international hair color educator, salon owner, and artistic director. He specializes in hair color education and using new media technology to create success for salons and stylists. Known as the industry's “Tech Titan,” he has the means to share his progressive ideas with stylists in a way that they can understand, apply, enjoy, and measure. While working with Nick, he will continue in his position of Artistic and TechniCulture Director for Goldwell, further strengthening the collaborative relationship between Goldwell and KMS California and ARROJO.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]


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