Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week: Romantic Up-Dos at Marchesa

Hair stylist Akemi Tamaribuchi for Kérastase created a gorgeous, intricate up-do for Marchesa's presentation at Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week. The braided look is perfect for any hopelessly romantic bride-to-be!

Knotted Up-Do:
1. Apply a quarter size of Ciment Thérmique to clean, dry hair. Afterwards, layer a generous amount of Mousse Bouffante and Spray-À-Porter into sections for even distribution.

2. Beginning at the crown, elevate and twist casual 2" rounded sections and blow dry upward to create volume and texture. Work around the head and clip sections up to cool and set-in texture. Polish with a small round brush to refine hair around the temple area and/or baby hairs around the hairline. Spray a generous amount of Powder Bluff to strands.

3. Divide hair into 4 segments: left/right sides, crown (top) and back (nape of neck). For the back section, create an "S" shape, underhand braid to cover the section, braiding 2 inches away from the scalp to create looseness. Pin the lengths of the braid into the design for hold.

4. Drop sides and crown/top portions to find the natural parting. Beginning on the less dense side, create a knot with the section just behind the temple. Pin the knot loosely into place before creating another knot along the section. Continue to pin knots placing above the braid. Do the same for the heavier side of part, make sure to look for balance and softness.

5. Allow small hairs around the temple and hairline to drop, adding softness to the design. Finish with Laque Dentelle.

  [Images courtesy of Siren PR] 

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