Hairstyles How To: Pretty in Pastel

This pretty pastel hair color adorned with lovely matching flowers appears as though plucked from the pages of a fairytale. Stylist DJ victory shares how to create this magically enchanting hairstyle creation.

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I took a circle shaped section starting about 3-4 finger widths away from the hairline keeping it directly on the top of the head. I then took two triangle sections on each side below the circle section. Then directly behind the circle section, I made a larger triangular section stopping at about the occipital bone, leaving most of the bottom and fringe area out.

I used the Vivids Pink on the entire back section. When I came to the large triangular section I took a small slice of hair and placed the Pastel Mint. Separating with foil, I then alternated, horizontally, the Pastel Mint & Pastel Pink until I finished coloring the triangular section. On the triangle sections on the side I did the same colors alternating them vertically. I then colored the entire circular section in the Pastel Mint. For the fringe area I started with the Vivids Pink. Separating with foil, I alternated the Pastel Mint, Pastel Pink and Vivids Pink. I sliced and weaved the entire fringe area from ear to ear.

Next I processed for 30 minutes, rinsed with very cool water, dried and flat ironed. Then I placed extensions that I had previously colored with the same colors I used on my model in the back and sides.

I placed 2 french braids on the right side directing all of the hair back so that I could gather it to the right side. I curled each section with the new Miracurl, pinning random pieces of hair and pinned them to create an organic, ethereal feel. I placed a few silk flowers throughout the finished style. Top off with Aquage Finishing Spray.

Curious about what the model's hair looked like before this transformation? See the "Before" look! »[pagebreak]



[IMAGES: Hair and makeup by DJ Victory; Photography by Devin Casper]

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