Sirens Calling!

Sirens CallingForget Avon calling—the sirens’ call is in full effect for fall’s biggest makeup trends. 

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Don’t be alarmed if your neck feels a bit sore this fall. You are probably suffering from SMW (Siren Makeup Whiplash), a dull pain brought about by the constant double- and triple-takes you instinctively do when spotting a lady all done up in fall’s screen-siren makeup trends. The looks are so willful, so in-your-face, that you can’t help but be drawn to them—repeatedly!

But, beware: Most of the bolder trends center around one feature—the eyes, lips or brows. To blend any two of these scene-stealing trends would be cosmetic blasphemy! We’ve isolated five of the season’s femme-fatale looks and paired them with the freshest fall offerings from cosmetics companies. Add to that the A-list makeup artists’ tips that we’ve included for giving these trends a glam go, and you’ve got sirens calling!

—Karie L. Frost


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