Glossed Cause

Glossed Cause

The search for do-good makeup unearths products both green in ingredients and packaging.

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For many consumers who are on the green hunt for beauty product goodness, offering eco-sensitive ingredients isn’t enough; these savvy buyers (read: you and your clients) are seeking packaging that leaves a minimal footprint on Mother Earth. Luckily, companies are listening by shrinking packaging to scrap superfluous waste, or wrapping their products in post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. But don’t fret; this doesn’t mean that they’re sacrificing…well…beauty.

“We’re a luxury brand. As such, our customers want to know that not only is the product luxurious, but so is the packaging,” notes Sarah J. Cherot, VP of sales and marketing for eco-beauty brand NVEY USA. Additionally, companies like NVEY ECO are employing ways to further their recycling efforts by engaging the consumer. “We also incorporate an ‘ECO-Exchange Program’ in which consumers have the option to return their finished components back to us in exchange for a complimentary item. Components that are returned are then recycled.” Cradle-to-cradle cosmetics? Sounds like pro-beauty’s eco-pursuit is quickly becoming a green reality.

Keep on hunting for green goodness by clicking through to view eco-responsible cosmetics. —Karie L. Frost

(Photo: Hannah Ross)

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