Matte Maxed

Matte MaxedAveda crafts a matte mane at Rodarte that’s perfect for the survival of the prettiest.

Designer: Rodarte
Product: Aveda

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In Rodarte’s spring landscape, the mood is dark: Warrior women are burned alive, only to be reborn to scavenge every last scrap of beauty left in a barren world. Branded with the tattoos of their tribe, these nomadic sylphs stalk through a green fog, their thick thatches of matted hair caked with the dregs of the scorched land…or with Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, as the case may be.

Working with Aveda, backstage fixture Odile Gilbert has dreamt up a muddy-headed style that reads both primitive and futuristic. “Kate and Laura [Mulleavy] want something different—a bold hair look that’s unique to Rodarte, and really echoes their collection,” relates Gilbert, citing that the Rodarte designers also found inspiration in photographer Edward Curtis’ shots of Native Americans. To mirror the fabrics in the collection—all of which have been aged and destroyed to mindboggling effect—Gilbert douses the hair in Pure Abundance to mattify and thicken, and then sprays layers of Air Control Hair Spray throughout, which she says lends “a net-like effect,” before delicately placing a thin veil of black wool over the hair.

“Kate and Laura were also moved by the idea of a young girl from the country who wants to be sophisticated, but doesn’t have much, so she twists a thin veil of black wool stylishly through her hair,” she explains, adding that the Air Control acts as a magnet to make the wool stick. “This look is raw, hard, and organic,” she adds—a look that’s perfect for a postapocalyptic wasteland where beauty, surprisingly, still has a place. —Karie L. Frost


Your Matte Maxines can go gothic glam with these Aveda products.

Pure Abundance Hair Potion: thickens strands up to 17%

Air Control Hair Spray
: delivers flexible hold via pine resin

(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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