Vana: The Path

Disconnection and undercutting dominate Vana, says Dinis, while faded edges ensure that “nothing looks left out.”


Ruiz built volume by weaving in different textures: “I wanted the hair to fan out, like feathers of a bird or headdress,” he recalls.


Further dimension is created through maintaining a darker-colored undercut, explains Black. “The effect is hyper-real and futuristic, but still feminine,” he smiles, relating that the color’s true power is in the idea, not the hue itself. “You can take this same sectioning pattern and make it more commercial or much more out there, depending on the color. It’s open to interpretation.”


Credits: Global creative director: Antoinette Beenders; technical director: Ian Michael Black; artistic directors: Allen Ruiz, Ricardo Dinis; makeup artist: Janell Geason; photographer: Jenny Hands; designer: April Muelle

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