Arrojo Salon's Crystal Jane Gerard Pays Tribute to Style Icon David Bowie



About a year ago, the world lost musical legend, David Bowie. Left behind was not only the legacy of pop music, but the legacy of Bowie's unique style. Known for his rampant self-invention, Bowie's distinctive fashion sense created a truly original, often androgynous style. He owned a look that was desirable to both men and women across the globe. It comes to no surprise that stylists remain inspired by Bowie even a year after his passing. 

As an honor to him, Crystal Jane Gerard of Arrojo Salon in Soho paid tribute to Bowie's style by creating "modern day" interpretations of some of Bowies iconic looks--"The Thin White Duke", "The Cracked Actor", Androgynous "Hunky Dory", and the 80's Coif.


[Credits: Getty Images; Haircuts, styling and photography: Crystal Jane Gerard; Salon: Arrojo (Soho)]

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