15 New Year’s Hair Resolutions for Clients

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It’s that time of the year again — time to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether you stick to every single one, or break them all in the first week (hey, no judgement here!), you already know how to improve yourself. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could make New Year’s resolutions for your clients? You know the ones — the client that wants to go from black box dye to silver in one sitting, or the one who always insists your prices are too high. Without further ado, we present to you the 15 New Year’s hair resolutions we WISH clients would make.

1. I will not use box dye.

Image: @hairaddictsalon
Repeat after us: it’s not worth it.

2. I will show up for my appointment — on time.

Image: @shearshiba
No more no shows.

3. I will understand and appreciate the process.

Image: @adelekirkwoodx
Lightening is a journey, not just a destination.

4. I will not ask for “three layers.”

Image: @smoochie1633
It’s not a thing, people.

5. I will value my hairstylist’s time and worth.

Image: @bubblesandbalayage
You get what you pay for.

6. I will lay off the hot tools every once in a while.

Image: @pureformsalon
Okay, to be fair, we know this one’s tough.

7. I will have realistic expectations.

Image: @ashleighrscott
No, you can’t be “golden blonde with no red or orange.”

8. I will not ask for discounts.

Image: @valtrinapatricehair
Friends of hairstylists, we’re looking at you.

9. I will not make weird noises at the shampoo bowl.

Image: @cosmosociety
It’s just uncomfortable.

10. I will not attempt to bleach my own hair.

Image: @w.yashmini
Please leave it to the pros.

11. I will always tell my hairstylist the truth.

Image: @ms_kitty_bamxo
Because we always know anyway.

12. I will be open to new things.

Image: @studiowithin
The trusting client is the best client.

13. I will practice patience.

Image: @envy_beautyclinic
Yes, we see you and no, we’re not ignoring you. We just have a million things to do.

14. I will not take hair coloring lessons from YouTube.

Image: @beautylaunchpad
Seriously, just don’t.

15. I will always be nice to my hairstylist.

Image: @michelle.halusco
Think about it: do you really want to be rude to the person holding shears?

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