Hairstylists Predict the Biggest Hair Trends of 2017

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016, and hello to 2017 — and all the new and improved hair trends the year is sure to bring. We asked real stylists and some of the industry’s top influencers to share the trends they predict will be everywhere in the new year, plus some looks they’re happy to leave behind. Flip through the slideshow below to get a preview of what your clients will be asking for in 2017!

  • soft balayage pink haircolor with dark roots on medium straight hair

    “I think rooty balayage with overtones of pastels and vivids will reign supreme!” -Ashley V.

    Image: @nealmhair

  • messy top knot hair style on long blonde ombre hair

    “With half the maintenance, and healthy blonde hair, who could argue that a lived-in blonde would be the way to go?” -Coryn N.

    Image: @johnnyramirez1

  • glow in the dark neon blacklight hair color on short hair

    “Musical festival hair is it!!! …Ohh, I also predict glowing blacklight hair is the hottest trend in 2017.” -Neal M.

    Image: @mandaharsche

  • silver blue hair color with dark roots on medium length hair

    “I love the rooty color; I hope it stays.” -Jen G.

    Image: @ambrosiacarey

  • soft ombre purple hair color on dark medium hair

    “I have a feeling that the sombré will be one of the most requested techniques, seeing lower contrast become more popular than high contrast. I also predict we're going to see some shifts within the fashion color spectrum to colors that are softer and unexpected, almost a marriage between natural tones and fashion tones. I however guess the bohemian style that is so popular now will continue on and evolve in small ways, becoming more modernized in execution.” -Elijah C.

    Image: @shurie

  • metallic purple hair color on long wavy hair

    “Sombré paired with metallic colors.” -Erica F.

    Image: @camouflageandbalayage

  • bad ombre hair color meme

    “I’m hoping to say goodbye to long beach waves and ombré (oh please!!!)” -Anne P.

    Image: @nyc_blonde


  • silvery blonde hair color with dark roots on long wavy hair

    “I'm just getting going with these rooty blonde balayages, so I'm hoping they are here for quite awhile. I freaking love them!” -Amy M.

    Image: @paulcallaghanhair


  • hair stylist gray hair ice cream cone meme

    “I hope to say goodbye to gray.” -Andrea L.

    Image: @studio_kay

  • balayage hair color on long natural curly hair

    “I’m no expert but I think we're going to see more highlights, natural looking vivids and maybe, just maybe, less metallics. Style-wise, I think natural texture will be embraced more — low maintenance, textured haircuts and a little less polish. That's my two cents; I can't wait for 2017!” -Paul C.

    Image: @jenni4president


  • neon green hair color on short straight blunt hair cut

    “I think we are going to see more balayaged neons, more grunge colors, and probably a shift towards more coppers and reds.” -Shurie S.

    Image: @jaymz.marsters


Images via Instagram

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