The Daydreams Collection by Salon Concrete


Christine Zilinski and Salon Concrete senior stylist Mallory, along with members of the Salon Concrete Team, recently created “Daydreams,” a collection inspired by a swirling array of colors with bright, textural scenes and characters as portrayed in the works of Red Bank, NJ local artist, Mike Ciccotello.
In an effort to stimulate creativity among salon staff and salon guests, Salon Concrete hosts ongoing art installments. Ciccotello's work, the fifth Salon Concrete art show, was a mixture of drawings, paintings and 3-dimensional art pieces which came to life both on the salon walls and within the Daydreams collection.

With an emphasis on whimsy, playfulness and bright colors, Mallory and the Salon Concrete team drew inspiration from the idea of a child playing with paint who then accidentally gets the color in their hair. With this in mind, the team worked fun pops of colors throughout the hair in a splotchy-yet-purposeful placement pattern in order to create an effortless-yet-perfect vibe.
The Daydreams collection showcases a fun, slightly off-beat styling trend that still maintains its wearability. Played-in and somewhat fuzzy - like a child’s hair after a long, fun day - the combination of braids, knots, curls and twists reflected the swirls and repetitive patterns in Ciccotello's doodles. The resulting look is reminiscent of moments from a daydream.

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[Images courtesy of Salon Concrete]

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