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Beauty Launchpad congratulates the Wella finalists who will compete at the North American Trend Vision Awards in Hollywood, California on September 18th.
Student Category
This category is open to students and recent graduates and awards the best interpretation of a Trend Vision 2011 trend.
·         Vaomy Genrena, Century College Inc. in San Juan, PR
·         Kathry Hornick, Aveda Institute of Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN
·         Lizbeth Oceguera, Bellus Academy in Poway, CA
·         Cameron Brown, Ogle School in Dallas, TX
·         Kristin Bacaycay, Bellus Acadamey in Poway, CA
Young Talent Category
Open to hairdressers that are 30 years of age or younger, this category honors the best interpretation of a Trend Vision 2011 trend.
·         Lisa Nazare, Dieci Lifestyle and Spa in Livingston, NJ
·         Brenton Lee, Salon Sessions in Pasadena, CA
·         Erin Athey, Harroin Salon in Los Angeles,  CA
·         Rachel Andring, Esoterica Studios in Fort Worth, TX
·         Joey Kiening, Solo Salon in Chicago, IL
·         Alisha Basham, London Hair Salon and Spa in Eugene, OR
·         Anthony Cress, Studio 4 of Newport Beach, CA

The color category is open to stylists of all ages, and recognizes exceptional color work interpreting a Trend Vision 2011 trend.
·         Liz Wright, Alibi Salon in New York, NY
·         Mark Debolt, Haus Salon in Minneapolis, MN
·         Shirley Gordon, Strands Hair in Wheaton, MD
·         Elisa Hoppenstedt, Planet Salon in Beverly Hills, CA
·         Fredy Arboleda, The Beauty Lounge in Pasadena, CA
·         Claudio Lazo, C the Salon in Studio City, CA
·         Lonnie Ferguson, Orange Crush Studios in San Jose, CA

Images courtesy of Devries Public Relations.

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