Minimum / Maximum

Portfolio: April, 2009The Minimum girl rebels against the culture of excess—that hedonistic lifestyle glamorized by the media that confuses tawdriness with stylishness. Stripped down to elegant fundamentals, she is beauty laid bare, graceful in her simplicity.

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While not succumbing to the numbing power of self-indulgence, her counterpart Maximum revels in the immediacy of the now—capturing as much of the moment as she can via lavish extravagance.

Is someone having an identity crisis? No, it’s Minimum/Maximum, Joico’s 2009 trend collection. “The most important word today is diversity,” asserts Damien Carney, the company’s international artistic director. “As hairstylists, we must offer a diversity of looks that can be adapted to a variety of clients and will take those clients’ needs into account throughout the year.”

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