3 Reasons Why Aerosol Sprays Can Be Hair Color Enemies

True Hair Education shares reasons why aerosol hairsprays can be hair color enemies.
True Hair Education shares reasons why aerosol hairsprays can be hair color enemies.

Brenda Amaral and Kerri Hebb from True Hair Education share reasons why aerosol hairsprays can be hair color enemies.

Aerosol sprays can be hair color enemies for several reasons:

Stylists for years have known that the fastest way to remove hair color from your favorite shirt is to spray it quickly with aerosol hair spray, but did you know it removes color from hair as well? Read on to learn the why’s and ways to avoid it affecting your beautiful color work.

High Alcohol Content: Aerosol sprays often contain high levels of alcohol, which acts as a solvent and can strip away hair color. The alcohol content breaks down the color molecules, leading to color fade and diminished vibrancy over time.

Direct Contact: When using aerosol sprays, the fine mist often lands directly on the hair, allowing the alcohol and other potentially color-fading ingredients to come into direct contact with the colored strands. This direct contact can accelerate color fading, resulting in a shorter lifespan for the hair color.

High pH: Aerosol sprays (and anything else in a metal can is higher in pH than our hair. This will result in the hair cuticle swelling and color fading much quicker.

Considering these factors, it is essential for hair stylists and salon owners to educate their clients about the potential negative effects of aerosol sprays on hair color. Encouraging clients to opt for alternative styling products and use color-friendly sprays with lower alcohol content can help prolong the life and vibrancy of their hair color.

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