How-To: Be Empowered as a Hair Stylist and Salon Owner with Unbranded Education

Brenda Amaral and Kerri Hebb from True Hair Education share benefits behind unbranded education and how it can empower you as a hair stylist or salon owner.
Brenda Amaral and Kerri Hebb from True Hair Education share benefits behind unbranded education and how it can empower you as a hair stylist or salon owner.

Brenda Amaral and Kerri Hebb from True Hair Education share benefits behind unbranded education and how it can empower you as a hair stylist or salon owner.

As the hair industry continues to evolve and new products flood the market, it's essential for hair stylists and salon owners to stay at the forefront of knowledge and techniques. Education plays a pivotal role in maintaining professional growth, but not all classes are created equal. In this article, we will explore the benefits of unbranded education and highlight why choosing a class without product sales can be a better choice for hair stylists and salon owners. Specifically, we will delve into the advantages of chemistry-based education from True Hair Education, emphasizing its value over manufacturer or distributor based classes.

Understanding the Concept of Unbranded Education:

Unbranded education is a unique approach that focuses on the principles and science behind hair care, rather than promoting specific product lines. It empowers hair stylists and salon owners with unbiased knowledge and equips them with the skills necessary to make informed decisions about the products they use.

Holistic Understanding of Hair Chemistry:

True Hair Education offers comprehensive chemistry-based classes that delve deep into the science of hair. By understanding the chemical composition of hair and the impact of various products, stylists gain a holistic perspective that enables them to tailor their techniques and recommendations for individual clients. This knowledge helps stylists make educated choices, providing a personalized and effective approach to hair care.

Freedom of Product Choice:

By opting for unbranded education, hair professionals gain the freedom to select products based on their clients' specific needs, rather than being tied to a particular brand. This flexibility ensures that stylists can use a diverse range of high-quality products that best suit their clients, promoting client satisfaction and loyalty.

Neutral Guidance and Industry Insights:

Manufacturer- and/or Distributor-based classes are often designed to promote specific product lines, potentially limiting the information shared and influencing the curriculum. In contrast, True Hair Education provides neutral guidance and industry insights, presenting a well-rounded view of the hair industry. This unbiased approach allows stylists to explore a broader range of options and make decisions that align with their clients' best interests.

In-depth Knowledge of Ingredients:

Chemistry-based education delves into the composition of hair products, enabling stylists to identify potentially harmful or low-quality ingredients. By understanding the ingredients and their effects, stylists can ensure they are using products that promote hair health, minimize damage and deliver outstanding results. This knowledge empowers stylists to make informed recommendations, enhancing the trust between stylist and client.

Creativity and Customization:

Unbranded education nurtures creativity by focusing on the artistry of hairstyling. True Hair Education equips stylists with a deep understanding of the techniques and principles involved in different hair transformations, allowing them to unleash their creativity and provide customized solutions to their clients. This approach fosters a unique and personalized experience, setting stylists apart from their competitors.

Networking Opportunities:

Attending unbranded education classes brings together like-minded professionals who are passionate about expanding their knowledge and skills. These classes offer networking opportunities, enabling stylists and salon owners to connect, share insights and build valuable relationships within the industry. Collaboration and exchange of ideas further fuel professional growth and development.


Unbranded education, particularly through True Hair Education, offers hair stylists and salon owners unparalleled advantages. The chemistry-based approach provides a holistic understanding of hair care, empowering professionals to make informed decisions and offer customized solutions to their clients. By choosing unbranded education, stylists gain the freedom to select the best products for their clients' needs, and they develop a deep understanding of ingredients, techniques and industry insights. This knowledge not only enhances their skills but also builds trust and loyalty among clients. Embrace unbranded education and unlock your full potential as a hair professional, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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