Making the Cut

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Daniel Mason-Jones, owner and stylist at Muse Salon and Spa in Johns Creek, Georgia, believes that in order to find your perfect shears, you must try a variety and determine which works best for you. However, he does share some rules of thumb that stylists can keep in mind.

For beginners, Mason-Jones recommends regular cutting 5- or 6-inch shears, plus a texturizing blade or shears. “That will give you a lot of versatility—you can do men’s haircutting, pixies, long hairdressing or curly hair,” he notes. “Purchase one or two really amazing shears to get started and slowly add to your collection.” Mason-Jones suggests that stylists invest 10 percent of their income on high-quality tools. Aside from trade shows (a great opportunity to try before you buy), shear companies may offer a trial period to experiment on clients.

Also consider the types of hair you’re working on—stocking a variety of shears and clippers to accommodate various textures—as well as their uses. For precision cutting, try a smaller shear, which allows for control and ease when creating strong lines. Mason-Jones enjoys point cutting to create texture in hair or to blend hard lines, though many stylists prefer a texturizing blade. “Texturizing blades also vary—the closer the teeth, the finer the hair it works for, so teeth that are spread further apart are better for thicker hair,” Mason-Jones explains. “When doing a dry cut, I personally like to use a 7-inch shear to create soft texture and diffuse the lines. A longer shear allows you to remove weight more easily but is definitely not suggested for precision work.”

Finally, consider comfort. “It comes down to ergonomics—you don’t want to be in a forced position as you’re cutting hair,” Mason-Jones concludes. “Find a shear that feels great.”

The Toolbox

Andis Company Cordless T-Outliner Li Trimmer offers 100-plus minutes of nonstop run time with a powerful, high-speed rotary motor and blade speeds of more than 7,200 strokes per minute. @andisclippers

Wilson Collective 6'' NoLine Blending Shear, made with proprietary Japanese molybdenum alloy steel, offers cryo tempered blades, a ball-bearing tension system and an ergonomic crane handle. @wilsonhaircollective

Jatai International Feather Plier Styling Razor is precision-engineered to effortlessly glide through hair with a slim, nonslip-grip handle. @jataifeather

Surface Hair 7'' RZ Blending Shear creates texture and separation, while its swivel provides artistic and ergonomic control for both vertical and horizontal cutting. @surfacehairhealth

WAHL Professional Cordless Detailer Li trimmer boasts a fast T-wide blade for improved cutting power, plus an optional swivel cord for flexibility while charging. @wahlpro

Eufora 7-inch Scissors feature straight blades that offer precise cutting on both wet and dry strands. @euforainternational

RUSK VG-10 Delta Blade shears, available in 5'' and 5.5'' lengths, offer an ergonomic design with a crane handle and 360-degree rotating thumb for maximum control. @ruskhaircare

Denman Zoot Comb System tackles men’s and short-hair cuts with an 18-function universal snap-on guide that allows for myriad techniques, from bulk cutting to precision detailing. @denmanbrush

Olivia Garden SilkCut PRO Shears feature an ultra-sharp blade edge, an offset handle with special thumb curvature, and smooth ball-bearing pivot mechanisms for maximum ease of use. @oliviagardenint

KARG Shear K-Wide Royale cuts in a 45-degree angle for wet, dry, curly or extension cuts, and the K-Tension Knob System provides optimal tension and balance. @mikekargofficial

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