Justine Marjan Talks Hair, Pregnancy and More

Justine Marjan, @justinemarjan on Instagram
Justine Marjan, @justinemarjan on Instagram

Justine Marjan, celebrity stylist, talks all about her pregnancy and beauty trends in this interview.

Who has been one influential person for you during this pregnancy?

I’ve loved seeing some of my favorite influencers have babies and share their stories on social media. My friend Christine Bullock had a baby right before I got pregnant and she’s been incredibly resourceful, helping me with workout and nutrition tips. I am also looking forward to doing her post-pregnancy workouts after the baby is born.

What is one thing you have learned, in each trimester, during the pregnancy?

The biggest takeaway during the first trimester was to change my perceptions of what it means to be pregnant. Through the media, pregnancy has been sensationalized and I was so trained to think pregnancy would be hard and painful. Although I know that experience can be true for many women, I quickly found out that it didn’t have to be. I actually felt really great the first trimester. I read a lot of books that also helped changed my perceptions, like Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I spent the first trimester spending a lot of time reading, focusing on my health by going for long walks and doing yoga, and cooking healthy meals at home. I was especially hungry the first trimester and since I am vegetarian, I was working hard to incorporate healthy protein into my diet through lentils, eggs, cheese and protein powders. The second trimester was the sweet spot. I was sleeping better and had more energy. My work life picked up so I also felt like I had more energy to pick up the pace and focus on my career. The third trimester has really been the only part of my pregnancy so far that I’ve felt pregnant. As my belly has grown bigger, I’ve had less energy and had to really work to slow down and not push myself so hard. I had to modify my workouts, switch to solely prenatal yoga, and rest more during the day since I am now up in the middle of the night more.

What is the first thing that you changed in your beauty routine once you found out you were pregnant?

Sometimes I used to skip body care, but now I always moisturize my face and body twice a day. I’ve loved using Evereden Stretch Mark Cream and Golden Belly Oil and the Soothing Belly Mask once a week. I never thought I’d use a belly mask, but this one is especially moisturizing with avocado and coconut oils; it calms itchiness immediately. I’m a big fan.

Have you experienced any skin issues during pregnancy?

Before the pandemic and before pregnancy I was addicted to my beauty treatments. I used to get weekly facials and regular laser and resurfacing treatments. Because most spas weren’t open the past year, I haven’t been to anyone for any treatments and have focused on using clean products at home for maintenance. I don’t know if I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow, but my skin has felt pretty great! I haven’t suffered from any discoloration or breakouts, which has been amazing.

What are you most excited for as a new mom?

I am really looking forward to seeing my husband as a father. He is so kind and nurturing, I know he will be an incredible and compassionate role model for our son. I look forward to building family traditions and raising our son to be a kind and conscientious person.

Did you work through your pregnancy? 

Yes! I worked full time throughout my pregnancy and mostly felt fine. The first two trimesters were no problem at all, and I was still working long days and odd call times in addition to working at home creating content. The last trimester has been a little harder as I have less energy, am not sleeping as well, and still have a rigorous workload. It’s also been harder to manage my career and prepping my house, mind and body for a baby. I’m hoping to slow down the few weeks I have left before my due date and work to find more balance in my life after the baby.

Any pregnancy beauty must-knows for other moms-to-be?

I eat a really healthy diet and I think that has contributed to my overall health and well-being while pregnant. I start every day with a fresh green juice of celery, kale, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon and lime. It helps flush out toxins and fuels me with vitamins and minerals from the very start of the day. Combined with scaling back on caffeine and taking vitamins, I feel this has really kept my skin glowing, thwarted nausea and boosted my energy. 

What hairstyles are best for summer?

In the warmer summer months I love braids—they keep the hair out of the face and you can apply an oil or mask to the hair before braiding and let it soak up all day. 

Any hair tips for women post-childbirth? 

Postpartum hair loss is real. Make sure you are doing what you can to nourish your hair and scalp after baby, like continuing to take your vitamins, getting adequate nutrition, and massaging the scalp regularly to increase blood flow and circulation. I’ve also used an LED brush on the scalp that can help increase collagen production and stimulate follicles for healthy hair growth. Be gentle with the hair as it may be more fragile, using only brushes or combs designed for wet hair when it is wet and always brushing from the ends first, then working upward to gently detangle. Gently squeeze out moisture with a microfiber towel instead of using a regular cotton towel. Also, avoid pulling the hair too tight and using elastic hair ties. Instead, opt for claw clips or silk scrunchies to hold the hair in the most gentle way possible. 

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