Sport Clips Haircuts Turns Downtime into Prep Time

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Sports Clips has evolved into an educational resource for salon industry professionals, during the COVID-19 pandemic. "We launched SportClipsJobs on Facebook in 2012 as an addition to our host of recruitment tools. But, when stores were forced to close temporarily due to COVID-19 and stylists were unable to see clients, we decided to stay connected to them as valued members of the Sport Clips team through this platform," says Julie Vargas, the company's vice president of career opportunities. "We recognized that the highly qualified professionals who represent our product partners were equally interested in engaging with our current and displaced stylists, and the stylist community in general. Sport Clips Jobs allowed us to stay connected to everyone in the industry, and it was a great platform for using downtime and turning it into game time prep for when haircare professionals could get back to work."

Previous live sessions on the page have received a lot of positive engagement in recent months. Archived videos will stay on the SportClipsJobs Facebook page, and new videos will be added in the future.

Presenters, whose links are still active on the site, include:

Jim Massey – American Crew

Josh Perez and Evan Wooding – Sexy Hair

Melinda Keener and Pete Thomas – Hanzo

Erik Thrane – The Wella Studio

Jennifer Watson – ACTiiV Hair Science

John Mosley – JPMS

Danny Amorim – Gibs Grooming

Rick Morin - Wahl

Sam BurnsJason ReyesKelly Cardenas and Susan Papageorgio

"I’m proud to have been a part of the stylist community for almost three decades, and this group is committed to learning how to best serve clients…even through a pandemic," says Vargas. "Using this platform as a resource for high-level education, tips and training is definitely a career highlight for me and a great opportunity for everyone in our industry. We are grateful to our partners and professionals who remain committed to keeping spirits up and training happening during these unprecedented times."


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