Congress Passes Extension for PPP Relief for Beauty Professionals


Congress has passed a two-month extension of the PPP relief program to May 31, 2021, which the President has signed into law. This gives the beauty industry two more months to get their first — and even a second — draw from these 100% forgivable PPP loans and inject much needed dollars directly to independent stylists, salon suite owners, salon owners and 1099 booth renting independent contractors. The federal PPP relief program is tailored for beauty professionals to employ and make the most of once they submit. PBFC and Adesso Capital, its SBA approved lending partner, has been a leading innovator in designing an online portal specifically for personal care professionals in the beauty/barbering industry to direct, assist and ensure that these hard-hit professionals get their fair share of federal assistance funding. PBFC Legal Counsel and Advocate, Fred Jones, stated “PBFC and Adesso have been on the leading edge of this second round of PPP, even before Congress passed the new PPP extension back in December 2020. That’s because we learned by sad experience that most in our industry didn’t know they were eligible for PPP during the first round issued back in the summer of 2020. Our industry is populated by the most dynamic creative artists, not accountants, many of whom lack working relationships with financial institutions who could’ve informed and assisted them with their PPP applications.” In addition to the extension of the current round of funding, those industry professionals and salon owners who were successful in receiving their first PPP draw, the PBFC is reinforcing and confirming everyone is entitled to two, full draws on PPP. This means if a booth renter, salon suite owner, independent contractor or establishment owner received a first draw either last summer or post-December 2020, they are still entitled to re-apply for a second draw, now through May 31. To apply or get more information, please go to PBFC and Adesso will assist all industry professionals with the forgiveness process, providing all of the information and links to the relevant SBA application forms to ensure that none of these loans become debt that ever has to be paid back. In addition, they have increased customer service capabilities to assist people with a toll free phone number, 1-888-600-7380. 

About PBFC The PBFC is a nonprofit trade association that was formed in 1999 to give voice to the over 600,000 licensed barbering/beauty professionals in California and to raise the professionalism of the beauty and barbering industry. While their mission has never changed, their scope of representation has expanded in recent months to include the whole country, as they blazed the reopening trail for all Personal Care professionals through two successive federal lawsuits and a coordinated #OpenSalonsNow grassroots campaign. For more information please visit About Adesso Capital. Adesso Capital provides financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They have secured over $700 million in financing that have helped small businesses expand, manage cash flow, purchase new assets and inventory, and make improvements. They work with businesses across the US and offer an array of products, including term loans, lines of credit, SBA loans, accounts receivable financing, equipment loans, and start up loans. For more information please visit

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