What's the Nicest Thing a Client Has Ever Done For You?

Nicest Thing A Client Has Ever DoneWe posed this question to you on Instagram, and here are some of our favorite responses. Some are envy-inducing, some are hilarious, and others truly remind us that we're in the best industry in the world. As @rae_mclain wrote, “After reading some of these comments, it’s apparent that angels get their hair done.” We couldn't agree more. 


@hairmama: One of my clients whom I saw every Saturday for 20 years was going into a nursing home, and her daughter brought her in to say good-bye. She wanted to give me a piece of her jewelry and said I was the granddaughter she never had.

@hopeful.hair.by.rhi: Bought me a $200 gift card to Kroger because she knew someone unplugged my fridge after I had just bought groceries for myself and my three children, and I was strapped for two weeks until my next payday.

@rae_mclain: I couldn’t afford an EpiPen because I didn’t have health insurance. I’m deathly allergic to wasps. I was talking about this with a client and the next day she brought an EpiPen in for me. I cried because no client had ever cared that much. 

@hairbyhussein: She said I brought back her confidence and trust in herself.

@lorna_hood_: My clients have brought cake, flowers, wine and champagne. But much, much more important than all of that, is that they have been loyal to me for over 30 years. They’ve seen me through marriage, divorce, adopting my kids, breaks from hairdressing and every salon move I’ve ever made. Now that is so incredibly amazing. 

@thecollaborativehairstylist: His last name, two beautiful children and a life I could only dream of. 

@melogenic: My client gave me her grandmother’s pearls to wear on my wedding day as my “something borrowed.” They couldn’t have been more perfect and I still can’t believe she bestowed that privilege upon me!

@lo_davishair: The best gift my clients could ever give me is loyalty and trust. Coffee and baked goods are sweet, but I build my business on my clients continuing to sit in my chair and continuously choosing me. That to me is priceless. 

@jessahair: Delivered my child.

@_colorful_weirdo_: Kept their head still the entire time. And didn’t lean up when I shampooed.

@gypzi_butterfly: My clients are all amazing—the sweetest, kindest and most generous people that I’d bend over backwards for. But the best had to be a client who invited me to her birthday party where she surprised her guests with a Maroon 5 concert at her house! I doubt that will ever be topped. 

@noregretshairstudio: Gave me their kidney and saved my life.

@_southern_discomfort: My clients let me stay in their condo in Maui for a week for free!

@marlenesodiogo: I had a 10-year-old boy who, after one of the many haircuts I'd given him him, wrote me the most beautiful poem while I was cutting his brother's hair, saying what a wonderful and professional person I was. I just melted!

@lauralivesinspired: I have the sweetest guest who brought me a rack of smoked ribs! My hubby was especially thankful. The same lady always passes her books along to me since we typically read the same genre, then have a mini-book club every four weeks!


*Posts lightly edited for length and clarity.


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