Eufora's Reform Collection Highlights a Study in Texture

Born from the collaboration of Eufora creative director Philip Carreon and guest artist Lisa Vann, the Reform collection highlights myriad textures that accentuate the uniqueness—and in turn, beauty—of every woman. “When Lisa and I conceived Reform, we wanted to first examine natural texture, and then work through amplifying this texture through the haircut and color,” says Carreon. “We sought innovative looks that still read as real and wearable.”

Eufora Reform

See in Color

“This dynamic haircut combines a technique of interior cutting to create a more delicate space in dense, textured hair,” explains Philip Carreon. “And
in terms of color, teal and garnet shades are melted and smudged throughout the strands for an unexpected effect.”

Eufora Reform CollectionPretty as a Picture

“Backlit lavender coils sit in a gilded base tone inspired by metallics like gold, sterling and bronze,” says Carreon. “The haircut was created with down-elevation layering to remove weight from the perimeter, keeping long interior textured layers that allow the hair to maintain its substantial size.”

Eufora Bob Cut

Make Waves

“On [model] Sloan’s bob, we used Eufora’s AloePlex Waving System in tandem with the application of Artisan Direct Dye to create subdued watercolors set in a velvety base color,” reveals Carreon. “And the haircut is ‘mullet- meets-bob,’ which elicits a surprisingly feminine feel.”


[Credits: Hair: Philip Carreon, Lisa Vann, Lisa Warren and Joanne Rempel; Models: Lodeja Maiden, Sloan Schmitz and Jasmine McNew; Makeup: Nina Reminder; Photography: Evan Dunning; Wardrobe and Production: Danielle Rauto]

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