WetBrush Makes National Television Debut

Wetbrush Commercial Screen Grab

JD Beauty, the parent company of WetBrush, is pleased to announce the launch of the brand’s first national television commercial campaign. NYC creative agency, ADKOA (A Different Kind of Animal) produced a campaign for WetBrush, making WetBrush the first ever hairbrush brand to run a TV campaign. The commercial will begin airing on August 1, 2018, for 6 weeks on networks including Bravo, E!, Hallmark, Lifetime, Nick at Night, ABC and We, among others.

The commercial tells the story of the pain that hair brushing has caused women since the beginning of time. Finally, WetBrush lets you brush without pain, damage and effort, which evokes an ‘a-ha’ moment for millions of women around the world. This emotional reaction continues to convert first time WetBrush-ers to lifelong fans, who are passionate about the brand. This passion motivates women to share their experience and brand love with family and friends.

WetBrush CEO Jeffrey Davidson says, “Being the first-ever hairbrush brand to launch a national television campaign is exciting for WetBrush, and makes sense as the next step for the brand. Our Detangler transforms a sometimes painful beauty routine into an effortless, fun and colorful part of your day, and this commercial represents that. We’re thrilled to share this campaign with the world.”

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