Celebrate Mother's Day with a Day at the Salon

Image: Getty Images/Tanya Constantine

Mother’s Day falls on May 8th this year, and there's no better way for your clients to show their moms they care than with a fun day of pampering at the salon. “We often have mothers and daughters in here together and I have seen that it’s a great time for them,” says Katherine Goldman, celebrity esthetician/waxologist and owner of Stript Wax Bar. “Ladies love a day at the salon or wax bar, and going with your mom makes it that much more special.”

As stylists and salon owners, you see the positive effects a day at the salon has all the time. Encourage your clients to show their mothers they love them with a fun and relaxing salon day. You can even offer special Mother's Day packages and deals, or simply remind your clients of all the benefits a day of pampering will do, including the five below!

Five ways to bond with Mom at the salon this Mother's Day, according to Goldman:

  • Relaxation: Moms and daughters can get a chance to relax together when they take to the salon. Whether getting waxed, having makeup done, or getting a pedicure, it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy the time together.
  • Confidence: Anytime people walk out of a salon, spa, or wax bar, they feel great. Being able to get a confidence boost together will send both mom and daughter out the door feeling and looking great.
  • Pampering: Everyone loves pampering. While things such as waxing may be able to be done at home, it’s always better at the salon, where it will be done right the first time and those having the treatments can sit back and relax.
  • Girls only: A great way to get away from the crowds and leave the boys behind is to head to the salon. It gives moms and daughters a chance to have a girls' day out doing girly things and not having to worry about the boys being around to hear them or hold them back.
  • Conversations: A lot of great conversations take place at the salon, because it’s a more intimate setting and people feel so relaxed. As someone does the work, moms and daughters sit back and enjoying chatting it up.

“Bonding with mom at the salon is always a favorite for everyone involved,” adds Goldman. “Plus, it’s a great excuse to head to a nice lunch afterward. You will leave feeling and looking great and can enjoy stopping at the café on your way home. That’s a mother-daughter day you can’t beat!”

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