Keratin Complex Inspires at UNITE Global Sessions London

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Haircare brand Keratin Complex recently participated at UNITE Global Sessions in London, showcasing the brand's Keratin Complex Color Therapy Hair Color. The exciting, 2-day event was filled with inspirational courses, including hair color education sessions led by Keratin Complex International Artistic Director for Color Therapy and renowned colorist and salon owner, Deborah Gavin.

"My goal was to not only show a 'collection,' but to inspire and share ideas to the audience on how to create unique looks that help grow one's color business," said Gavin. "The technology we have in our Keratin Complex Color Therapy always inspires me. Of course, as the theme came together, it was easy to build form that and I believe the hair color work complemented the beauty and classic disciplines UNITE embodies. Even their edgier looks always have a strong fundamental 'hair dressing' basis, which is an art I think we are starting to lose in this industry."

The UNITE Global Session is an annual celebration of unique creative artistry, where 21 internationally celebrated artists presented their latest techniques and trends, reflecting fashion and inspiration from around the world. The event attracted a global audience and was held at the Shoreditch Town Hall in the heart of East London.

Gary Baker and Tony White of UNITE have reiterated their commitment to maintaining the precious integrity of art, which runs through all aspects of their work. The efforts put forth by the UNITE and Keratin Complex teams, combined with their shared passions, resulted in a flawless and inspirational outcome. On Day 1 of the Unite Global Session, Deborah Gavin showcased “Hair Through the Decades,” a contemporary evolution of how certain classic looks would be effected and enhanced with today's color technologies and palettes. Some of the looks that were illustrated included a 1950's pinup look, a long straight haired 1970’s inspiration, showcasing color diffusion and a 1970’s red bob where Deborah played with the tones to enhance how the light bounces by making the round a bit more reflective.

Day 2’s theme was “Color of the Future,” focusing on the fundamentals of hair design as today’s stylists are now able to create hair color personalization with durability and healthy hair results. Deborah’s inspiration for the Day 2 showcase came from the perspective of, "What if hair color had accessory or enhancement built in?” Maintaining that thought pattern, Deborah and the Keratin Complex team used powder pigment, metals, wire and other elements to not really accessorize the hair but to truly enhance the color.

“It was truly a pleasure and honor being on stage with the amazing Unite team. What a great event and I was so happy to showcase Keratin Complex Color Therapy on stage along with these amazing international artists.” concluded Gavin.

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