Hair Color News: Schwarzkopf Professional Re-Launches BLONDME

According to Schwarzkopf Professional, blonde is so much more than just a hair color. Blonde is femininity, blonde is glamour, blonde is an attitude; but above all, blonde is iconic, and true iconic blondes can only be created by hairdressers with technical expertise and unlimited creativity.

The BLONDME journey: Two years ago, celebrity stylist and now Global BLONDME Ambassador Kim Vō traveled to the Schwarzkopf Professional Global Headquarters to support bringing the BLONDME re-launch to life. Kim’s role was to identify what “blonde” represents on a North American level and provide insight on what the decisive (or as Kim refers to them “no-brainer") blondes and indecisive (also known as the “fifty shades of") blondes are seeking from stylists. In other words, as Kim puts it, “sharing blonde moments!”

“There is a new blonde market — Asian, Persian and Latin Americans are starting to tip toe in the blonde fountain,” says Vō.

With the re-launch of BLONDME, the ultimate lightening color and care collection for top-quality blondes, Schwarzkopf Professional empowers hairdressers to create the most sophisticated and timeless shades of blonde with an unparalleled level of perfection. For color with diamond-like clarity that lasts visibly longer, BLONDME now features KeraLamination Technology with Silk and Keratin. This breakthrough technology provides an exceptionally high care during coloration for optimal color performance and smoothens the hair for maximum retention and outstanding blonde vibrancy. Developed for the individual needs of all blonde hair types, the new BLONDME, featuring updated packaging and innovative formulations, will be available in starting February 2015 in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.

Along with the new BLONDME high performing lightening, color and care collections, Schwarzkopf Professional and BLONDME Global Ambassador Kim Vō have created the Iconic Blonde Collection, featuring the four hottest, on-trend, iconic blonde looks: Prime Blonde, Blonde Make-Over, Pastel Blonde and Blondré. The Blonde Collection by BLONDME will help hairdressers achieve these sought-after shades while providing inspiring blonde services and techniques. Schwarzkopf Professional has created this series of step-by-step videos to help turn every blonde challenge into perfection:

  • Prime Blonde: For first time Blondes turning up the glamour.
  • Blonde Makeover: For all blondes aspiring perfection.
  • Pastel Blonde: For Blondes wanting a pastel twist.
  • Blondré: For Brunettes testing blonde waters.

The new BLONDME gives hairdressers an easy-to-use tool in the form of this three-step system:

  • Protect: Apply Pre-Lift Kera Protector before lightening or coloration for maximum and long-term hair protection. Its reactive silanols builds an invisible shield around the hair surface to reduce potential chemical damages during the lightening process and preserve the look and feel of the hair. This protector provides maximum hair protection for 50 percent less hair breakage and split ends during lightening and 30 percent higher care during coloring, when compared to previous BLONDME color. When using Pre-Lift Kera Protector before BLONDME lightening and BLONDME after care regime, the hair is two times more resistant, smoother, softer and shinier, delivering even blonde results from roots to end.
  • Lightening, Coloring & Toning: BLONDME Premium Lift 9+, the first 9-level lifting system with an optimized consistency, is easier to apply and delivers breathtaking lightening results. The Transparent Gel Lifting System allows the lifting process to be controlled swiftly and instantly — you see blonde as it happens. Seven different toners in combination with the new unique tone softener offer an endless range of beautiful shades and provide the basis for unlimited creativity and individual blonde looks. BLONDME is the smart shortcut for lifting, coloring and white blending — only one easy step — and the new Low Odor Cream Technology promises more comfort during application by effectively capturing the ammonia in the color crème.
  • Maintain: After lightening and coloring, BLONDME offers a range of exclusive in-salon treatments, such as the pH Acid Balance Keratin Shampoo and the new Keratin Restore Blond Mask.

To ensure that lightened color services remain bright and radiant as long as possible, it’s essential for the client to care for it as a “blonde,” using a daily hair care regime specially tailored to each shade of blonde.

BLONDME Care Range:

  • Keratin Restore Blonde Shampoo in All Blondes ($10): A daily and gentle cleansing shampoo, formulated with Apricot Kernel Oil, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Keratin and Hydrolyzed Silk, to help smooth and condition while restoring vibrancy during salon visits.
  • Keratin Restore Blonde Conditioner in All Blondes ($11.50): Suitable for all tone directions, this daily conditioner balances, detangles and smoothens the surface, making it easy to comb while also reducing static.
  • Keratin Restore Blonde Mask in All Blondes ($12.50): This deep, intense, rinse-out treatment features Hydrolyzed Keratin to repair the internal structure and Panthenol to replenish the hair with moisture.
  • Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner ($11.50): A light leave-in spray for daily conditioning that leaves the hair soft and healthy without overburdening while protecting hair with its UV- Filter and enhancing the shine with oils and mineral particles.
  • Color Enhancing Blonde Shampoo in Cool-Ice ($10): For whole-head lightened and colored blondes with cool-ice tone directions, this shampoo enriches the tone with cool anti-yellow pigments, protects hair against free radicals with its UV-Filter while leaving hair soft and shiny.
  • Color Correcting Spray Conditioner in Cool-Ice ($11.50): Maintain and enrich the cool tones with this light leave-in conditioner that contains cool anti-yellow pigments and mineral particles to help correct color and rid hair of any brassiness between professional color services.
  • Color Enhancing Blonde Shampoo in Rich-Caramel ($10): A warm blonde tone cleansing shampoo infused with warm color pigments that helps to maintain the tone direction and Hydrolyzed Silk that leaves hair softer than ever before.

The new BLONDME will be available starting February 2015 at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons, as well as ULTA stores and

[Image: Kelly Williams Photography/Wikimedia]

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