Schwarzkopf rolls out Gliss line in the U.S. and debuts “Beautiful by Choice” campaign

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair

Earlier this week, Schwarzkopf hosted a soiree to celebrate the U.S. launch of its world-renowned Gliss Hair Repair line as well as to unveil its “Beautiful by Choice” campaign. The Gliss lineup includes 18 products that work to repair tresses from the inside out while simultaneously providing locks with additional benefits such as volume, color protection, moisture replenishment and long hair treatments. “What’s neat is the whole line is focused on repair,” says Martina Spinatsch, Henkel vice president of North America R&D. “We use a liquid keratin technology, which penetrates up to 10 layers deep in the hair. Normal wear and tear, color, bleach, and heat tools can leave hair looking dull, lifeless and feeling like straw. Gliss’ keratin hair repair technology enables us to restore that natural feel and look to the hair.”

Guests not only got a first-hand glimpse of the line’s benefits with samples of hair that had been treated with the products vs. untreated, they also were invited to geek out and test their own hair strands on a 10-Cell Stress Measurement tool as well as under a high-powered microscope where they could find out the strength and health of their locks as well as which Gliss product might be most beneficial for treatment.

Also on the evening’s docket: the reveal of the Beautiful by Choice campaign. “Gliss wants to change the paradigm. You choose what beauty means to you,” says Sean Gossage, Henkel brand manager. “If you want to be a supermodel, rock on. If it’s not for you, that’s cool too. If beauty for you means being a mother, we support you, if beauty means being adventurous, Gliss supports you.” To bring the message home, actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy took to the podium and shared a heartfelt story about her path to finding self-love when she was in a verbally abusive relationship. “Beauty isn't just a subjective and physical attribute. It's so much more,” she says. “Becoming a mother is beautiful, helping a friend is beautiful, going back to college to finish your degree is beautiful, making someone smile is beautiful. Each one of those things is a choice and choices make us who we are which gives us power to create our lives. …  [When I ended that relationship] I chose to be powerful not powerless. I chose self-love. When I look at my own life and see the choices I've made, no doubt my life is beautiful by choice.” 

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[Images: Molly Church]

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